KiWarm On Sale Buddha Statue Pattern Bell Blessing Feng Shui Wind Chime for Good Luck Fortune Home Car Hanging Decor Gift Crafts

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  • If you are looking to improve the luck of your child or children, then hanging this metal wind chime in the west of your home is a great idea
  • Hanging this wind chime above the entrance to your house is a great way to breathe life and vitality into your home.
  • A chime with The Buddhas image will improve and cleanse your spiritual energies and improve karma when hung in the north east of the home.
  • This area of the home is known as the Spiritual Growth and Self Cultivation Bagua area.
  • UNIQUE AND RARE. NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES. Our Limited Edition Feng Shui Wind Chime would make the perfect meaningful gift. 


  • Feng Shui, the Chinese art of space is used to boost chi and welcome positive energy in many homes around the world 
  • Wind chimes form a major part of the practice and metal wind chimes have numerous benefits when hung around the home.
  •  In Tibetan Buddhism, the ringing of a bell represents an offering to Buddha in order to accumulate positive karma.
  •  And the fish represents happiness, having complete freedom of movement in the water. They also represent fertility and abundance.