Automatic Dish Washer – Purple Cultures
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Why spend 45 minutes washing dishes.
When you can spend only 5?

Thats why we created the InstaWashâ„¢

We know the feeling….. It’s boring, you’re busy, and the dog can’t stop barking. 

The bad news is, that you know it will take you AT LEAST 30 minutes to only get the dishes clean.

From Moms, for Moms.
We value our time, and every boring minute spent washing dishes can be spent with our little ones.

The InstaWashâ„¢ cuts down the time it takes to wash dishes by a WHOPPING 98%

That’s enough time to wash the dishes, take the dog out, help the daughter with homework, AND have enough time for a phone game. All that you’ll have left to think about is what to do with so much spare time!
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