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"I recently purchased these, and was impressed at the Quality. Very heavy and beautifully built. It also came in a little silk box which I thought was cute. Now I can not only find the center of my being, but also give others a dose of Instant Karma if they need it." - Mike

"Rarely, in my experience, does a product live up to its hype or deliver as advertised. The SELF DEFENSE 108 BUDDHA MALA is a wonderful exception. With such simple and sublime construction, you would think someone would have done this much sooner. I for one am grateful beyond measure to have found this and will proudly wear and use these beads till my final days on this earth. May I never have to raise them in anger, and may their comforting weight anchor me to the Truth of life." - Russ

"I got the 108 steel beads and they are amazing, feels great to wear, heavy and makes you feel good, I have not hit anything with them, dont want to mess them up personaly cause they look so nice. Box they came on is beatiful and looks hand made." - Luis 

This product is NOT sold in stores! 

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